(Minghui.org) Under the direction of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin, Falun Dafa has been subjected to the persecution for over 19 years. As a result, many practitioners have suffered financial loss, violence and abuse, and have lost their lives. This is a test of moral conscience for humankind.

For the courageous family members who have been fearless in the face of the brutal regime in supporting Dafa practitioners on their paths of cultivation, they have chosen a wonderful future for themselves. We are truly touched and admire those kindhearted people and would like to share some stories.

Supporting His Spouse for a Lifetime

Ms. Ming Yu's husband, Mr. Liu, is a very trustworthy person who witnessed the beauty of Dafa in his wife. Before she started practicing, she had been tormented by many illnesses. Consequently, she became very ill-tempered, and her family was often in conflict.

After she began to practice Dafa, she experienced tremendous transformations on a mental and physical level. Her hard work was recognized by her company and she was awarded as a lead employee several times.

At home, she respected the elderly and tended to the young as seen by her neighbors and friends.

After her husband noticed the changes in her, he believed the positive effects in elevating one's moral standards and the healing power of Falun Dafa. Therefore, he has been supportive of his wife in the practice during the long years of the persecution under Jiang Zemin's regime since July 1999. His uprightness and steadfastness showcased his great character.

In the early stages when the persecution started, Ms. Ming Yu went to Beijing to appeal for justice of Falun Dafa. She did not tell her husband of her trip to Beijing until he received a call from his wife. He only expressed his concern for her.

When Ms. Ming went to Beijing to appeal the second time, she was arrested and then taken back to her local detention center where she had been held for over two months. Her husband went to visit her each week with gifts.

“I have been working here for over 20 years. I have never seen anyone as nice as your husband,” the guard said to Ms. Ming.

Ms. Ming was transferred to the police station about two months later. He went to visit her every day after work. He would inquire about her meals and if his wife suffered from any abuse. He reminded her to take care of herself. His visits were a tremendous encouragement for her.

Ms. Ming was later illegally taken to a forced labor camp. Her husband drove Ms. Ming's siblings to visit her four times within three months despite that the trip was over 150 miles away. He would reassure Ms. Ming about her return home. The guards were moved by him as well.

During the time of Ms. Ming's imprisonment, her husband would take family members along to visit her. Their visits reduced the effect that the persecution had on her.

Ms. Ming filed a criminal complaint to the Supreme Procuratorate to sue Jiang Zemin in 2015. Her prosecution letter was returned to the local police station. A former colleague was sent by the police officers to pressure her.

“I told her to write the letters and to tell the police officers to see me if there is any question,” said her husband Mr. Liu. Her colleague immediately left. He reported to his boss that he would not return to Ms. Ming's home anymore as her husband did not provide any information.

Mr. Liu's company requested him to pay his Party membership dues. He reported to his work that he renounced his membership in the Chinese Communist Party. Two colleagues followed suit after seeing his Party withdrawal. He also took the lead in his family signing and reporting Jiang Zemin for his crime.

During the long years of persecution of Falun Dafa, he has been under tremendous mental pressure but there has never been a complaint. When people pressured him to find someone else and leave his wife, he remained quiet.

“Why didn't you listen to them? Why did you suffer so much for me,” his wife asked him later.

“You did not do anything wrong. If I were to leave you when you were suffering, wouldn't that have been terrible of me? We have to share our happiness and pain together as husband and wife,” he replied.

During those many years, regardless of how tough it was, and the negative comments people made about his wife, he kept faith in her. His sincerity, uprightness, and concern about his wife were exemplary. Those who knew him thought he was a wonderful husband.

Fearless Village Official Protects Practitioners

Mr. Guo is the brother of a Falun Dafa practitioner, Ms. Ling. He was the secretary of the village CCP committee for many years. Mr. Guo is honest, with a strong sense of justice. He truly believes in Dafa after witnessing the great transformation in his sister and the high moral standards of practitioners in his village.

He knows the evil nature of the CCP from witnessing its deceit and indoctrination of class struggle. He sympathizes with practitioners and helps them within his means after realizing the severity of the persecution practitioners were subjected to.

The police officers from the township police station have tried multiple times to go to his village to arrest practitioners during these years. He would delay their visit to warn practitioners. No one was arrested during these visits due to his help.

Police officers broke into a house to arrest a practitioner. They did not notify village officials of their visit due to repeated failed attempts.

Mr. Guo immediately arrived at the home of the practitioner.

“She is my villager. I am responsible for her safety. You came here to arrest her without notification and my consent. Why are you here? People who practice Falun Dafa are good people who are well-recognized in our village. They are also law-abiding citizens. What's the point of arresting them? Wouldn't it be better if you used your time to arrest criminals?” 

“Please don't be scared. I am your village official. I am responsible. You can go home now,” Mr. Guo comforted and helped the practitioner out of the police vehicle.

The police were stunned and left after seeing him help release the practitioner from their arrest. The other villagers heard about his righteous deed and became more trusting of him.

Mr. Guo's family enjoyed good health and fortune due to his support and positive attitude towards Dafa. His family opened a gas station a few years ago. It has flourished.

“I am someone who truly benefited from Dafa,” said Mr. Guo.